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  • Editorial

    Citations or Likes: this dilemma cannot exist

    Dov Goldenberg

  • Original Article

    Subperiosteal endoscopic frontoplasty with temporal suture threads fixation

    Lincoln Graça Neto ; Luiz Roberto Reis Araujo ; Ana Clara Minguetti Graça

  • Original Article

    Inferior pedicle nasolabial flap in nasal ala reconstruction

    Marcelo Rosseto ; Daniel Nunes e Silva ; Ana Luiza Ceolin Lyrio ;

    Ana Lara Ceolin Lyrio ; Antônio Cavichini Rosseto

  • Original article

    The increasing demand for explantation of silicone implants: a new scenery for breast surgery

    Bruna Borghese Augustini ; Ivana Leme de Calaes

  • Ideas and innovations

    Surgical rejuvenating for the aged earlobe: a technical innovation

    Miguel Marques de Oliveira ; Gustavo de Sousa Marques de Oliveira

  • Review article

    Treatment of periorbital syringomas: review of scientific literature in the last 5 years

    Karols Tatiana Vila Claro ; Jorge Luis Hoyos Ramirez ; Alessandra Haddad ;

    Marisa Gonzaga da Cunha ; Miguel Francischelli Neto

  • Case report

    The use of parietotemporal fascia flap in the treatment of recurrent cholesteatoma: clinical case

    João Baltazar Ferreira ; Carla Brandão ; Rita Meireles ;

    Mário Jorge Freire Santos

  • Special article

    Evolution of mammary prostheses and the incision methods used in adhesive mamoplasty procedures

    Lays Lopes Monteiro ; Wagner Mangiavacchi ; Dayara Gomes Machado


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