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Editorial - Year2015 - Volume30 - Issue 1

The Brazilian Journal of Plastic Surgery (BJPS) is the official publication of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery that has been in regular circulation since 1986.

The BJPS is certainly the main medium for the scientific dissemination of plastic surgery information in the country. For reasons beyond our control, in 2014, there was a significant delay in the publication of issues of this journal. Fortunately, over the past few months, we were able to solve the problems and, at the moment, we are working at full speed to regain the efficiency, speed, and timeliness of the publication process.

The entire board of the BJPS and the Editors are strongly committed to adapt and reposition our journal with periodicity and, above all, quality, by the end of the next semester.

A series of new rules, effective from January 2015, were established to optimize the submission process and improve the quality of the accepted articles.

The detailed rules for publication of papers in the BJPS can be found at the website:

In summary, the changes that will be effective include
- Size limitation of articles, according to category, in terms of the number of characters, figures, tables, and references.

- Technical checklist of the articles before the peer-review process; noncompliant articles will be immediately returned to the authors for corrections, without going through the scientific peer review. This checklist mainly concerns items that each article type should contain, such as Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and References.

- Reconstruction of the online page for article submission; for each article category, the authors would be required to fill specific and mandatory fields, which will have limiting character and required fields.

- Compulsory declaration of the approval of the study by a research ethics committee, or declaration of compliance according the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki reviewed in 2000.

- Requirement for the filling of a specific form authorizing the publication of identifiable photographs of patients.

- Although all articles are submitted to peer review, the process will be optimized to allow the authors to receive feedback in the shortest possible time, not exceeding 30 days after submission.

- Final approval by the authors of the accepted papers within 72 hours from the communication. The lack of approval will lead to the publication of the article in the final form as is.
As already approved by the Deliberative Council, the BJPS becomes exclusively conveyed in its online version. For greater access and dissemination, the journal - which has always offered open access for its Portuguese and English versions - will soon have more visible and user-friendly links in the BJPS website, as well as other means for electronic dissemination such as applications for tablets and mobile phones.

These and other measures will allow the journal to be included and indexed in leading national and international databases, thus obtaining the expected Impact Factor.

Dov Goldenberg - Coeditor
Ricardo Baroudi - Editor


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