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Editorial - Year2015 - Volume30 - Issue 4

This editorial is dedicated to Ricardo Baroudi, Patron of the Brazilian Journal of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Ricardo is an example of living life in an organized and conscientious way: setting goals and plans, executing them with delight, and achieving them. Being the master of his own destiny, having free will, commanding at the helm, and controlling the rudder in the best possible way for himself and others.

A master of many. Indeed, many more than he knows in person. In his long and distinguished career, he merged and switched between academic life and social life, research and teaching, and in political and organizational participation. There are few who attain respect in all spheres of their specialty, establish strategies, define techniques, and become eponyms. Even neologisms have been created in his recognition. As one among many possible examples, the adhesion sutures today known worldwide as "Baroudi sutures" are part of a surgeon's daily routine and a reason for clinical and experimental trials; many of them are published in our Journal and in international journals.

Over the last seven years, Dr. Baroudi worked tirelessly as the Editor in Chief of the RBCP, showing complete commitment every single day. He firmly flew the banner for this scientific branch, stimulating both young and experienced surgeons to divulge their productions in our midst of scientific information. We met some obstacles together, but always with a focus on the great potential of our Journal, that today has quarterly publications, a respectable reputation, open access in two languages, and great potential for further growth.

On behalf of the entire Editorial Team, we thank the immense dedication of Dr. Ricardo Baroudi to the RBCP, official publication of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.


"Written information is not blown away"
Ricardo Baroudi

Dr. Dov Goldenberg and Dr. Ricardo Baroudi

Dr. Ricardo Baroudi

Graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidade de São Paulo in 1957. Head of the Plastic Surgery Service of Santa Casa de Campinas (1961-1968), Regent in restructuring the SBCP (1966), Secretary General of the SBCP (1968-1969), Head of the Plastic Surgery Service of the Faculty of Medicine, UNICAMP (1969-1973), Member of the Regional Council of Medicina Sao Paulo (1969-1978), President of the SBCP (1970-1971), President of the IX SBCP Congress and XII Latin American Congress of Plastic Surgery (1972), Secretary General of the SBCP (1972-1973), PhD (1976) from the FMUSP, President of the VII Congress of the International Confederation of Plastic Surgery -IPRS (1979), Visiting Professor at ISAPS(1990-1991), President of ISAPS (1995-1997), President of the XIV Congress of ISAPS (1997), Honorary and Corresponding Member of 22 International Plastic Surgery Societies, Titular Member of The Academy of Medicine of São Paulo (1997), 597 presentations in Conferences + Classes + Scientific presentations in Congresses, Courses, Symposia, National and International Conventions (1957-2015), author of 4 book prefaces, 12 book chapters, and numerous scientific articles in international and national indexed medical journals. Editorial Board member of the Annals of Plastic Surgery, Colombian Magazine of Plastic Surgery, ISAPS Magazine, Editor-in-Chief of the Brazilian Journal of Plastic Surgery (2008-2015).


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