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Editorial - Year2016 - Volume31 - Issue 1

The path between the emergence of an idea and its publication is long and complex. In addition to the obvious role of the author, success depends to a significant degree on the choice of the manner of dissemination.

An author selects a journal in which to publish, taking into account its scientific impact, target population, structural quality, range, and response time, among other metrics.

A journal seeks to publish quality articles that are interesting and original, and that reflect the philosophy of the editorial board. In our case, the endeavor represents scientific progress in the field of Brazilian Plastic Surgery and aggregates the international contribution to our context by creating science and consolidating concepts.

A large part of this interaction depends on the Scientific Editor. In order to optimize their contribution, editors across the globe have joined together to create a medical association of editors, namely the WAME - World Association of Medical Editors, founded in 1995, which summarizes in its main objectives the role of the Editor in the construction of a quality scientific journal.

The role requires attention to a particularly wide range of aspects, as listed below, which are directly dependent on the Editorial Board:

• Publish original, relevant, well documented, and peer-reviewed articles

• Promote continuing education in order to promote evidence-based decision making

• Enable health professionals to access information in several specialty areas

• Improve health care internationally through medical research

• Stimulate responsible debate regarding controversial matters and health policies

• Achieve the highest ethical level in medical journalism

• Promote an audited and scientifically sound editorial process

• Produce updated, credible, and easily read publications

• Predict relevant issues and problems in current medical practice

• Inform readers on issues related to other aspects of medical practice, such as public health, politics, philosophy, ethics, environment, and economic, historical, and cultural issues

• Demonstrate the importance of the scientific journal in terms of its social responsibility to improve the human condition and safeguard scientific integrity

The post of Scientific Editor is therefore a position of great responsibility. As of January 2016, I hold with great satisfaction the post of Chief Editor of the RBCP. This commitment should now be transformed into positive movements and growth in our Journal.

The main project will be the international indexing of the RBCP, which will reflect our growth in terms of the above-mentioned variables, as proposed by WAME.

In addition to the efforts already in place, we count on the support of the National Directors in providing the necessary tools to achieve this aim. We have built a team of active co-Editors and Associate Editors, and a body of Reviewers, who together seek to fulfill this main objective in the shortest possible time.



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