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Editorial - Year2018 - Volume33 - Issue 2

Few people have the ability to master all the aspects of a profession. Dr. Ricardo Baroudi was such a person. Teaching, research, and scientific publication were matched with social awareness, ethicality, and concern for the future.

A bold professional, he developed and reported surgical principles, techniques, and strategies, many of which are firmly incorporated in daily specialty practice.

The passage of time transforms ideas into concepts and concepts into principles. Baroudi adhesion sutures, the result of his surgical insight, are part of the technical basis of abdominoplasty, as well as several other procedures. However, Dr. Baroudi did not limit himself to a concept, but instead took the initiative. His techniques were published, disseminated, recognized, and finally enshrined and eponymous. It is interesting how well the definition of eponymous applies: a reference to a historical or mythical personality that names something.

Although he did not follow a typical academic career, Dr. Baroudi performed at a level he expected from his peers. He used his personal clinical experience to create a unique approach to research and to disseminate knowledge. This was characteristic of the late Dr. Ricardo - to transform a new idea into an instrument of practical use, but based on scientific revelation.

Dr. Baroudi made extensive contributions to science, through dozens of published articles, book chapters, and edited books.

I personally had the pleasure of communicating with Dr. Baroudi for almost a decade as an associate editor of the Brazilian Journal of Plastic Surgery, when he was Editor-in-Chief. He stubbornly persevered in making the Journal consistent, stimulating in all ways the interest of plastic surgeons in publishing. He was successful, and the Journal today is very different from a decade ago, having adapted to modern concepts of medical science, thanks to continuous daily work and dedication. On behalf of all members of our Society, we eternally thank Dr. Ricardo Baroudi for his immeasurable contribution to plastic surgery in Brazil and worldwide.



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