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Editorial - Year2019 - Volume34 - Issue 4

The last decade has been extremely important in the development of BJPS. A great deal of work lies ahead for us in 2020, guaranteed by the success of our journal as an important tool for the dissemination of national scientific research. With four quarterly issues and supplements published this year, BJPS ends 2019 on time.

The support of BSPS’s board of directors has been fundamental for the consolidation of several measures adopted; it encourages the editorial board to keep moving forward, meeting new challenges for the coming year.

The requirement for international indexers has led to changes in the organizational structure of BJPS; consequently, the requirements for authors regarding the form and content of scientific articles have changed as well. Many of these measures have already been implemented in recent years, and today BJPS is considered a publication of uniform content, with consolidated regularity and periodicity.

We will list below the measures that should occur next year. This is not just a list of goals, but a commitment to be made and achieved in 2020. These are essential objectives to change the visibility of BJPS in the international context of plastic surgery. By achieving these objectives, we can safely submit BJPS to the most rigorous screening of the world’s indexing systems.

- Acceleration of article publishing by adopting “ahead-of-print” mode. This feature is intended to prevent or minimize publication retention time for articles already approved.

- Transparency in manuscript evaluation:

1. Adoption of a system for detecting the similarity of previously published texts to prevent plagiarism;

2. Disclosure of editor’s name and the names of the reviewers in approved articles;

3. Registration of all authors and co-authors in the ORCID system (Open Researcher and Contributor ID,, before accepting the article for publication;

4. Requirement to have studies approved by their respective research ethics committees, including case report articles and individual series (even if conducted in proven clinics), with user support for submission guidance; and

5. Referencing of all data, codes, programs, and other materials that support the article and are essential for the reuse and replication of research.

- Insertion of BJPS in the Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), an international indicator of open-access journals, certifying good editorial practices and ensuring the absence of characteristics of a predatory journal.

- Implementation in BJPS’ ethical publicity and disclosure, producing press releases for new articles published, with effective use of social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

We urge all BJPS readers and associates to invest scientifically in our precious publication tool, submitting their studies and relying on the support of this editorial board as needed.


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